Getting around ORA-00054 in Oracle 10g

14 Aug 2012

In 10g, if you are trying to make DDL changes on a busy object, you’re met with:

ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified

If you google how to fix this, you're told to re-run the transaction, or find out what’s locking the object. If you're trying to make schema changes on a live system in a scripted/automated way, you don't want to interfere with production processes and you need to deal with re-running the transaction in an automated way. This is the solution:

  1. DECLARE resource_busy EXCEPTION;
  2. PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT(resource_busy, -54);
  3. PROCEDURE try_change IS
  4. BEGIN
  5. dbms_lock.sleep(0.5);
  6. EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'alter table .....';
  7. EXCEPTION WHEN resource_busy THEN try_change;
  8. END;
  9. BEGIN
  10. try_change;
  11. END;
  12. /


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