Session node access

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Drupal contributed module
Drupal 8
Drupal 7
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This module grants per-session permissions for users to access nodes they created.

Yet another simple node access module, this time catering to users whose nodes have to be published for them to have access.
It grants temporary (session based) node access permissions to users with set
roles after they create that node.

Consider the following use case:
Content created by anonymous users is set to be unpublished until a mod reviews it. With this module the anonymous user gets to view/edit/delete their freshly created content without it to be accessible to anyone else. This access lasts as long as the user's session lasts, which means, as soon as the session expires, or the user changes the browser, they loose access to their content until it gets published.

Obviously this is better than seeing 'Access denied' right after creating a node.

There are settings to restrict this functionality to certain user roles, content types, permissions granted and the publishing status of a node.

Posts about this project

22 Jan 2017

Session based content access for anonymous users - Session node access module ported to Drupal 8

Letting users create content without having to register (or going through any other annoying process) is becoming an important customer engagement strategy.

When you allow anonymous users to create content on your website, you want this content to go through a moderation process before it becomes publicly available. To implement this in Drupal, the anonymous user has to be given permission to create content and the content type needs to be unpublished by default.

11 Oct 2015

Prevent "Access Denied" for anonymous users - Session node access module

Today's users are becoming increasingly spoiled by technologies allowing them to deeply interact with websites without having to create an account first. To keep up with this development and to entice users to use your website without them having to give up any personal information requires a bit of problem solving in Drupal.

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